Essential Chef Catering
The main focus of my business is allowing
you to do the things you want to do, while I
do the cooking.   For people who hate to
cook or even just hate the planning; eating
out during the week may be fine.  But when
you're inviting people over for a dinner
party on the weekends, having the food
prepared for you in your home gets you
great food and lots more time with your
guests.  Instead of stirring the risotto, you
can be sipping a Cosmo (or 2) and kicking

We can plan a menu that best suits the
theme of the party or particular food
tastes.  I can cook ethnic cuisines such as
Italian, Spanish or Greek or keep it strictly
American comfort foods.

I also do small-scale catering for film
shoots, gallery openings and location
events.  Please contact me for more
information. I can work within your budget.

Katherine Haynes
    Hors D'oeuvres
    These are some ideas of what I've made
    in the past, but I'll always take requests...
    *shredded pork in mild chili sauce on
    corn blini with fresh tomatillo salsa
    *shrimp ceviche in guacamole on endive
    *antipasti spread
    *Swedish meatballs
    *Vietnamese summer rolls
    *spicy crab salad on endive
    *Cantaloupe salsa on prosciutto toasts
    *caesar salad cups
    *mango salsa
    *cumin pita chips
    *lime and tomatillo salsa
    *sundried tomato dip
    *green goddess sour cream dip
    *peach bruschetta on blue cheese crisps
    *spanokopita (spinach and feta pie)
    *caramelized onion tart
    *chicken turkey sausage skewers spread
    *roasted red pepper and goat cheese       
    *flank steak and arugula
    *parsley and chive hummus
    *chick pea and shrimp cups
    *shiitake mushroom and spinach tarts
    *heirloom tomato tarts
    *adobo guacamole
    *grilled pineapple and shrimp skewers
    *wild salmon spread with chive sauce on  
    lavosh toast


    chocolate bread pudding
    bread pudding with caramel sauce
    apple pie
    upside down pear tart
    blueberry buckle
    peach crumble
    linzer torte cookies
    fresh fruit tart
    fruit salad with citrus dressing
    lemon shortbread
    fresh strawberry pie

    I have many more recipes in my data
    base.  Just ask if there is some particular
    ingredient that you would like to see.