Servsafe Certified
A National Restaurant Association Educational
Foundation Certified Food Handler.
Los Angeles County Dept of Public Health
Certified Food Handler
I'm Katherine Haynes and I want to be your Personal Chef.  I've enjoyed cooking and seeing
people enjoy the food I prepare for a long time. I started cooking in college when I wanted to
be able to eat the foods my parents made.  My Mom liked to try new things, but had her
stand-by's that we liked as kids.  My Dad loved to cook and did spaghetti sauce and beef
stews that my friends would want to come to dinner for.  My grandmothers were excellent
cooks and both of my grandmothers loved to have the entire family sitting around the table for
dinner.  I think I gained my love of cooking good food for others from them.

I moved to LA in 1991 after studying film and tv in college.  I worked steadily on tv shows for
15 years.  A big part of my job had been hiring caterers and planning menus for staff and crew
meals.  Although I liked doing it, I started to feel like I would rather be the chef than just
hiring them.

My sister moved in with me in 2001 when she was attending graduate school.  She always
liked my cooking and was more than happy to have me do it.  I found I really liked coming up
with a meal plan and cooking just about every night. I felt like I was learning something new
constantly and had a challenge that I wasn't finding in my tv production jobs.  When my
sister was done with school, I decided I should go back to school.  I went to culinary school.  

I attended and graduated from The New School of Cooking in Culver City, CA.  This intense
course started with the French techniques that make up the culinary backbone and
progressed into other techniques.  In 2012, I went to Italy and attended the Toscana Saporita
Cooking School, near the city of Lucca in Tuscany.  It was a magical experience and I came
home with a renewed sense of cooking from the heart.  My teacher there also had a similar
philosophy about food and how there are healthy ways to enjoy the foods we love.  

I work with lots of clients who have food restrictions and allergies and I can work within the
guidelines I am given.  I try to really listen to what my clients needs are as well as what they
like and dislike; taste, texture and visual appeal matter just as much as if it's good for you.  
The benefit of a personal chef as opposed to a traditional delivery service is I can really target
what "you" want.  I am only cooking for you at my cooking session dedicated to you.

For all the years when I'd wake up in the morning thinking about a great meal that I couldn't
wait to recreate or after traveling abroad and wanting to keep food memories alive, I couldn't
be happier to cook.  Cooking fulfills my desire to be creative, explore new cultures and help
people live healthier lives.
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